The edition number of car:537 of 1000
Purchased from:Springfield Imports, Fullerton
Currently at:CALIFORNIA
Are the stickers on?No
Customization:Hi there, Here's an update on MC40 #537 from Fullerton, California. Installed: K&N Short Ram Intake Way Motor Works 17% Pulley Reduction Kit Sprint Booster Power Converter Kingsbourne Performance Ignition Cables (Red) Aftermarket Removable Boot Box Sound System with Integrated Amp Fully Integrated Foot Well and Ceiling LED Lighting (Sound Activated, 16 colors) Planned Installs: Complete Quick Silver Performance Exhaust & Headers Performance Perelli Run Flat Tires Replaced: Steering Pump @ 102K miles Ignition Cables and Spark Plugs @ 107K miles Clutch and Flywheel @ 108K miles Transmission Oil Pan Gasket @ 108K miles Valve Cover Gasket @ 108K miles Misc Fluids, Fluid Lines, O-rings @ 108K miles There are a few other missing things that came with the MC40 that I still need to find and install Like the Grill mounted ralley lights and MC40 magnets. Thanks again for keeping the site up to date!!! - Justin Lopez

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